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Vinyl Envelopes (multiple sizes) 25/bx

Vinyl Envelopes (multiple sizes) 25/bx

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  • Large vinyl envelopes are used for storing film, artwork printed circuit board material (PCB).
  • Each 8 gauge Vinyl Envelope is folded and sealed on 3 sides and have 2 removable hooks that hang on vinyl suspension rails which are mounted in 4-post shelving/cabinets.
  • A front flap is secured by velcro tabs.
  • Each file comes with 2 hooks and a metal hanger.
  • 25 per box.

Sizes available: 

  • 12"x17". 25/bx. Item #6000-E
  • 17"x21". 25/bx. Item #6010-E
  • 20"x25". 25/bx. Item #6008-E
  • 29"x25". 25/bx. Item #6002-E